Question: Are you frustrated because you’ve tried just about everything you can think of to get your Bible study group engaged, and it’s still a struggle?  If so, I’ve got great news….

“Will People Say Your Bible Teaching Changed Their Life?”

“Smart Teachers Like You Know You Could
Be Even More Effective, Right?”

Only God can give you the desire and the ability to teach.  But I'm sure you know that your God-given skills and strategies can be sharpened, so you get much more powerful results with the same amount of effort!

Will you let me help you sharpen your teaching ministry with methods proven effective by thousands of Bible teachers around the globe?

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There's a simple system...

I will show you a simple system for preparing and delivering powerful Bible lessons -- a system that has improved the teaching of thousands of people all over the world. It's a step-by-step process that can be used for any type of lesson, from any part of the Bible, for any students that God provides for you to teach.  

This system is built is a foundation fact: You are the tool that God will use!

The Teach the Bible to Change Lives course prepares YOU to be God's tool to change lives.

 You'll learn how to use the Four Elements of Great Bible Teaching:

    1.  Excellent Lesson Content
    2.  Prepared Students
    3.  Prepared Teacher
    4.  Effective Teaching Methods

Unfortunately, most people only get two or three of these four crucial elements working.  You'll see ten times the results when put all four into action!  (Don't feel badly if you aren't doing this today - hardly anyone gets instruction in how to teach at all, let alone good instruction in how to teach the Bible effectively.)  

Here's What Happens When You Know How to Use the Four Elements of Great Bible Teaching:

You'll know precisely what God wants them to learn.  There won't be any doubts in your mind about what you should teach, because God will have made this clear to you.  God loves these people more than you do, and knows what they need to learn and be reminded of - at this particular time.  

They're going to be ready (in fact, eager) to learn.  Your teaching will be ten times easier when people want to hear it, and are prepared to live differently.  You will learn the simple but powerful ways to build anticipation and eagerness and desire for learning in your students.

You'll be completely prepared to teach this material confidently, and powerfully.  You will learn how to study the Bible to teach it effectively.  There are specific strategies that will maximize the value of your limited study and preparation time.  You'll learn how to set up lessons with life-changing insights and application.

You'll be able to manage class/discussion time so well that no one will be watching the clock.  You'll have their attention from the first minute with your opening. You can draw even the most reluctant people into discussion, and steer people into the new understanding that God desires for each of them.  And they won't be ready to leave before you're done.  

The Fact That You Even Found This Website
Tells Me 3 Important Things About You…

First…it tells me that you're already aware of the vital role of solid Bible teaching for evangelism and discipleship.

Second…it tells me that you recognize your current teaching is not creating the kind of life-changing results in people that you want to see --and know are possible!

And finally…the fact that you're still reading tells me you're ready to make the changes necessary to really teach the Bible effectively…to change lives!

Am I right?

You will learn exactly how to teach the Bible to change lives, through a series of steps I will teach you.  You don't need special study guides or books.  All you need is your Bible and the help of the Holy Spirit.  (If more were needed to be used by God to change lives, it would have been provided at Pentecost!)

"My promise: I will show you a simple, comprehensive system for teaching that
you can use until Jesus calls you home

Can you imagine yourself teaching confidently because you know the lesson material is perfectly tailored to what your students need at just this time? Imagine how much better it will be to teach to students who are eager to learn. Think about how incredible you're going to feel when you see God at work in people's lives, knowing that He is using You to help them!  

Wow, that's something to get excited about!

But before we get into more details of this Teach the Bible to Change Lives course, you probably have a question on your mind...

"Who is Glenn Brooke and
Why is He Qualified to Help Me
Teach the Bible to Change Lives?"

Let me introduce myself...

I have been teaching the Bible to adults and youth since 1984 -- Sunday School classes, small groups, weekend retreats, and mission trips.  All my teaching counsel comes from real-world experience.

Now it's fine if I can teach.  The question is, can I coach you to teach the Bible more effectively?  

I've personally coached and counseled over 920 Bible teachers, helping them become much more effective at teaching to change lives.  And I'm providing ongoing digital coaching to over 10,240 teachers now around the world, across many denominations and church settings.  (You can read testimonials from some of them down below.)

The strategies I teach are proven to work - in dozens and languages, by professional clergy and laypeople alike, on five continents.  How do I know?  Because of the testimony of hundreds of people who are excited about the Bible and are living life differently because of what they're learning!

The Instruction Manual to Reach Your Maximum Potential!

Teach the Bible to Change Lives isn't a tedious book that you're going to read a few pages, then put into your someday-I'll-get-to-that pile.  It's going to move to the top of your "I've-can't-wait-to-read-this" list.  In fact it's not a regular kind of book at all, but your  instruction manual in the practical arts of teaching God's people.  

Using the methods I'm going to teach you, you'll be able to teach others from the Bible with confidence, power, and skill.  You will become a tool that God will use to change lives - and you're going to love teaching ministry even more than you do today!


Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • The one essential tool you need for preparing lessons, and why you don't need a whole library of books.
  • How to design a lesson so that people are hungry to learn more from the Bible itself.
  • The breakthrough methods for teachers to study the whole Bible and shorter passages to mine the breadth and depth of God's truth. (Actually, some of these methods are very, very old - but hardly anyone knows their power. Many of these have never been published anywhere else.)
  • Why those canned Bible studies may not be effective for your class, and how to adapt studies for your group to they get precisely what they need.
  • Four easy ways to get your class involved in discussion that actually helps everyone learn, including you.

  • What you should do the five days before you teach.
  • Three proven ways to excite your students about your next class - excited enough to invite their friends to come and learn!
  • Three things you should do to start class smoothly -- and hook students attention so they are eager to hear the rest of the lesson.
  • The two essential things you must know before you use study Bibles and computer Bible software. Avoid the traps that are killing the effectiveness of thousands of Bible teachers!
  • How to have a handful of lessons always ready so that you can teach on a few minutes' notice.
  • How to take notes in your Bible so that it becomes a turbo-charged teaching tool for every situation.
  • The three critical questions every teacher must answer.
  • Guidelines for praying for your students - so they will get God's message through you.
  • How to prepare your heart before you study, and before you teach.
  • Why the best way to present topical studies is the exact opposite of what most teachers do. Your students will get a lot more out of teaching a topical issue the right way.
  • The three simple strategies to "laser in" on what God wants you to teach this class at this time - in other words, the information the Lord will use to change their lives!
  • Two easy ways to motivate your more experienced or knowledgeable students to get excited about studying the basics with others.
  • How to recruit help you need from others so you can be a great Bible teacher.(Click here for an explanation of what I mean by "great Bible teacher.")
  • The two things you need to understand that will end your fear of teaching - even to really large groups, and even to people who know all about your faults.
  • The simple, repeatable methods for organizing your lesson materials so you can re-use them over and over in related situations in the future.
  • The amazing things you can do in 10 minutes between lessons that will supercharge the impact of your teaching.
  • A specific 20-day plan to prepare to teach Ephesians, using all the strategies covered in the book. (The strategies in this 20-day plan will work for any book or section from the Bible.)
  • Specific day-by-day plans you can follow to be prepared to teach from any topic study, video package study, or Christian book.

"Give yourself just three weeks to practice these powerful methods ...and you'll see God work to change people's lives as they understand and apply His Word."

You might be wondering, "How long is the Teach the Bible to Change Lives course, and when will I start seeing results?"  Most adults can cover the basic material in a few hours -- it's organized so that you will easily absorb the key concepts and quickly see specific things to do.  You'll be amazed at how many times you say to yourself, "That's a great idea, I can do that!" as you read through the materials.

You can start implementing many of the practical teaching tips and powerful "between lesson" strategies with your very next Bible lesson!  You can choose between several 20 day plans to guide you for your next new lesson that you create. I will guide you through every step of the process.  So you can study the material and have an opportunity to practice it in three weeks!  Many of you teach every week -- so you can start seeing results the first week! , After three lessons using these strategies your students will be inviting their friends to come!

This week 2.6 Million People Will Be Bored Stiff in Sermons, Sunday School classes, and Bible Study Groups -- But You Won't Be In Front of Them!

OK, I made up the number 2.6 million, though the real number is probably higher.  The point is that a few millions too many! There is no good reason for this at all.

Properly taught, the Word of God is the coolest, most wonderful book in the world!  

With the principles and practices outlined in Teach the Bible to Change Lives, you'll have everything you need to get people engaged with the Bible passages and topics you're teaching.  You'll get clear strategies -- proven to work in all kinds of teaching situations -- to "hook" their attention from the start, keep them engaged throughout the discussion, and then launch them into action.

The Teach the Bible To Change Lives course is perfect
for people of all levels of experience and knowledge!

    Are You a Beginner Teacher? The course is perfect for you because it will help you avoid a lot of frustration and failures that we've all faced already...because you'll have a solid system in place from the start.

    Are You an Experienced Teacher? Taught a lot, and want to improve? (Of course you do!) The course will help you put what you're doing now into a workable plan for teaching ministry, sharpen your skills -- and give you some new ideas and strategies.

    Are You a Professional Teacher? If so, then this course will help you learn how to take to the next level and multiply what you're already doing...and do it more efficiently so your invested time yields even more fruit for the kingdom of God.

      "I have been in the ministery for a number of years and have taught the Bible for a long time. Your book has opened my eyes and has shown me things I hadn't considered I was doing. Anyone that is teaching or just wanting a better understanding of Bible teaching your book is a must. I refer to it on a regular basis. Thank you for helping me learn a better way to teach the Bible."
      Pastor Horace Ketchens


      "I have been teaching the Word for a number of years, But your book has opened by eyes to areas that I can greatly improve in. I appreciate your no nonsense way of writing. May God bless your efforts."

      Rick Foreman"

The Principles You'll Learn  Work for ANY Teaching Situation -- Guaranteed!

The methods you'll learn in this course will work for any and every teaching situation God calls you into -- because they are principles and strategies, not gimmicks and tricks.

If you already have curriculum materials, I'll show you how to get the most out of it, and tailor it to the exact needs of your group each time you teach.

If you don't have curriculum materials already, I'll show you how to build a life-changing lesson from the Bible up -- and you'll learn more than anyone else in the process!

Women's group? Men's group? Youth? Adults? Young children? Home schooling? Discipleship group or neighborhood Bible study? No problem.

YOU are the tool God will use in every teaching situation.  I'm going to coach YOU and build YOU up as a great Bible teacher.

    "Listen to what other teachers, just like you,
    are saying about this course!"

      "It is a pleasure to recomend your book. It puts teaching the Bible into clear and focused veiw. The book helped me to cut away the excess information about teaching and pinpoint delivering Gods' message to mens' hearts. You and I have shared ideas for delivering that message and your teaching tips never fail to stimulate my thinking. I thank God for brothers like you. Friend if you're looking for some help with Bible teaching Glenn's products, reports and teaching tips are the "good stuff & the real deal" you won't be sorry."
      Tom Riley

      "I have been on the mission field and in the pastorate for many years. I only wish that I had your book on teaching to change lives earlier. It certainly would have also changed my method of teaching. Thank you Glenn for a grace means of teaching. The LORD's blessings upon you and your ministry. Keep up the good work.
      Bill Gray.

      "I have just enjoyed your book and tips and I have never let you know how much I am learning or how much I use your materials.

      I have seen so much growth, not only in the ladies that attend the study I teach, but also in myself. We rarely finish a chapter in one week (we use prepackaged materials), but because I have gained a sense of freedom in my teaching we take as long as it takes to sift through our thinking and truly look at what the Bible says and we learn so much from each other and our discussions and discoveries. Thank you for your book and also for all of your tips. It really keeps me enthusiastic about what we are going to do next."
      Glenda Sauer

      "I appreciated "Teach the Bible to Change Lives" because of the emphasis Glenn put on focusing on God's Word. There are so many people who have been Christians for years, and still do not have a solid foundation of the Bible in them. This book was both a challenge and an encouragement for teachers. It was also full of practical tips and ideas. Thanks, Glenn."
      Cheri Platt

      "I was so happy when I found your book "Teach the Bible to Change Lives"  It made me realize that teaching is not teaching if you are not teaching the Bible to change lives. It let me know how important it is to pray for your students that God will prepare them to receive the lesson. I loved the information, and resources that was given in knowing how to study the Bible. It is so great to know that I can read my Bible 3-4 times in a year rather than taking a year to read God's Word. I thank God for your book!"
      Emma Criswell

      "I thoroughly enjoyed "Teaching the Bible to Change Lives". I started teaching Sunday School to youth boys six months ago. I'm still learning how to become the teacher God wants me to be. This book has shown me that I really can be a GBT. Your insights have been very helpful."
      Gary Landry

      "I absolutely love the weekly tips! I have been reading and re-reading "Teach the Bible to Change Lives" as I prepare to write some worship curriculum. It has definitely been refreshing! I also saw the immediate impact a few weeks ago when I filled in on a Sunday morning for our pastor who was out of town. The comments I recieved were because of the Holy Spirit's power as I surrendered to Him to use the Word of God as "rightly divided" as I possibly could. Your notes were a tremendous help in getting me focused and putting myself in a place to allow God to do that! The response of people also confirmed what is happening statistically around our country: people are hungry for good, solid, genuine Biblical teaching. We have a famine in our land!! Thanks for handing out buckets without holes for us preachers/teachers to carry the living water to our congregations in! Blessings…. "

              Raymond Turner

      "I am in awe, as I read and study your instructions on "How to Teach to Change Lives"! It has opened me up, inspired me, and given me new insights that I've never had before. I am so glad I purchased this valuable resourse, and know it will help me to become a "Great Bible Teacher"!In Christ,
      Samuel J. Elliott

      "Greetings. Your book is very easy to undersatand; the application of its information is incredibly functional. Now, having purchased your book; the format and structure of my lessons and sermons are compiled and delivered with much more ease, confidence and profundity. You keep up the good work. God bless you. In Christ and His service."
      Vernis L. Bodden

      "Your book are so great for teaching, it has meaningful. The people I am going to teach in their house are making it different. After I used the blog system prior the bible study. I am encouraged by these people and the way the teaching are progressing, they're often telling me I would like to see you next week. As you know Germany is very hard to locate a place for meeting (gathering place). I visit every individual of our member's to teach them the Bible, they were open and willing to change their life.

      These your teaching is a blessing to the lost soul. Please keep up the good job and God will continuing blessing your spirit."
      Paul Ajayi


    (If you'd like to see more testimonials, look here.)

Here's the bottom line on this incredible resource...

Let's start to wrap this up. The Teach the Bible to Change Lives course will guide you step-by-step to:

    Know exactly what God wants you to teach to a particular class at a specific time - so you can precisely tailor a lesson to their needs.

    Study the Bible in depth and breadth
    to thoroughly understand what you will teach

    Get your students genuinely excited about learning
    what you are going to teach

    Deliver your key lesson points and get real discussion going,
    so the people in your class or study group learn …and apply the lesson to their lives

    Do simple things before, after, and between classes to
    maximize the impact of your teaching

    ... and much MORE!


The Teach the Bible to Change Lives course is provided in Acrobat PDF format - you can read it on almost any computer. This convenient format makes it easy for you to print it out. You can download it as soon as you buy, so there's no waiting!

Act Now and You'll Also Receive 
with your order!

Bonus Minibook #1: Towards Praying Continually

Every great Bible teacher invests in prayer-- and you'll get plenty of recommendations about how to pray in the Teach the Bible to Change Lives course.  This bonus minibook gives you the principle you need to pray continually, and seven proven strategies to help any Christian pray at all times. These ideas haven't been published anywhere else. You'll be amazed at how your ongoing conversational prayer life can be transformed! This will improve your teaching.

Bonus Minibook #2: Listening and Dialogue in Teaching

This special minibook explains the fundamental facts about what people actually hear from a teacher, and how to enter into genuine, life-changing dialogue. Don't miss this terrific information about how to transform your teaching from a performance- oriented event into a life-changing ministry.

Bonus #3 : The Handout Templates Collection

Many teachers use handouts. This exclusive, never-before available set of handout templates will save you LOADS of time. Just pick from 12 different layouts from this proven collection and put in your information. There's no need to "reinvent the wheel" every time you need a handout.

Bonus #4: One-Year Teacher Training Plan

This special plan outlines a challenging but realistic one-year training plan that will help any teacher become a Great Bible Teacher. You can follow this plan for yourself, or help others using the strategies outlined here.  

These are very special bonuses at no extra charge to you, just for purchasing the course now. You won't find these anywhere else!

Plus Bonus #5: a Whole Year of Coaching! -- I'll send you additional information, encouragement, special reports, and teaching ideas for 52 weeks after you purchase. Lots of people want to sell you a book -- and then you're on your own after they take your money.  Not with Teach the Bible to Change Lives!  I want you to reach your full potential as a teacher.  So I'm going to hang in there with you and give you

  • Loads of practical ideas and tools you can use
  • Specific coaching on the things you struggle with -- like 99% of all teachers
  • Continued encouragement -- teaching is ministry, so you're going to need it occasionally

This follow-up coaching and encouragement makes
Teach the Bible to Change Lives the premiere guide available today.  Period

    "Thank you so much for the ministry you are doing to instruct and renew people like me who desire to teach but don't exactly know how - until, that is, we download your book. You don't just sell the book for a very reasonable price, but you continue to ply us with great information and encouragement! I never saw anything like it! And it's not to SELL stuff, but just to GIVE us the benefit of what you are already practicing! Wow! That generosity has to be so very pleasing to the Lord, and of course so pleasing to us who are on the receiving end. Thank you again. And may God multiply His blessings upon you every day."

Here's The Deal…

What would it be worth to you to be able to be used by God to change the lives of the people you love and care about?  To be able to teach the life-giving Word of God to anyone?  To be a confident, powerful teacher?

Well, you could spend over $4600 and invest several years of work on a seminary degree and still not get this practical, tested information. If there was a conference you could attend on becoming a Great Bible Teacher (and I don't think it exists), you'd probably spend at least $500 plus travel and hotel.  You could purchase the five best-selling lesson guides and video series available today for about $392. Of course, you'd have to buy more lesson guides and videos when you're done with those.

Or choose the best option: click on the big red button below, get step-by-step guidance on how to create and deliver fabulous life-changing lessons, and receive weekly coaching help from me -- for only $37. Plus you'll have a system you can use for the rest of your life!

Everything is delivered electronically, instantly, so you don't have to wait for "snail" mail to get the course materials and bonuses.  Since I don't have to keep an inventory of books, I pass the savings along to you.

Let me take all the risk out of this for you:

Our 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee:

    Don't decide now if this course is for you --  take 60 days to put us to the test! If this course doesn't show you exactly how to determine what your students need, and how to study the Bible so you can teach effectively, the best strategies for actual teaching time, and how to prepare your students so they're excited to learn, we'll refund 100% of your money-- no questions asked. You keep the course materials and the bonuses.

May I let you in on a little secret?

The truth is, you’ll never have to worry about a refund. 

Why?  Because when you actually begin using the strategies I give you, putting them to the test in your ministry situation, I’m absolutely confident that you will be thrilled with how much more effective your teaching becomes.

Here's How to Order Right Now!

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You will be downloading and reading the course materials and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and start learning how to teach the Bible to change lives!  Your very next lesson can be a life-changing opportunity!

You really only have two choices…

You can continue doing Bible study, lesson preparation, and teaching the way you do now.   You can keep trying to figure everything out on your own, piecing together a teaching ministy together by trial and LOTS OF ERROR.  You can stumble along alone with little help or encouragement from others.

Or you can learn a simple proven system, avoid mistakes others have already made (and you don’t need to repeat!), and get week-by-week encouragement, coaching, and support.

Those are the exact two choices I am giving you right now…Either you get this material and put it into practice – and see an amazing improvement in your teaching -- OR you struggle along with less than your full potential as a Bible teacher.  Which will it be?

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Teach to change lives,

P.S. Ask yourself: "How much better can my teaching become with some coaching? How many more lives can I impact, and deeply?"

Try Teach the Bible To Change Lives at no risk to you for 60 days. If you're not 100% satisfied, you get your money back and you get to keep all materials free. Get it now and start improving your teaching today. You-- and the people God calls you to teach -- will be thrilled!

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