The information you need to teach the Bible to change lives... not just entertain

"Finally! The Simple and Easy Way to
Plan and Deliver 'Wow!' Bible Lessons
(They'll Beg  You to Keep Going)
...and You Can Teach Confidently, 
Because God Will Meet Them Every Time."

You want people to be excited about Bible study, and you want to be able to teach so they know how to apply God's Word to their lives, right?  Let me show you how.

 "Prime" people  to hear what you are going to teach
 Help people join in active discussion and help one another learn
   Hook their attention at the start of a lesson, keep it all through discussion, and they'll leap after life-changing applications
  And much, much more!

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Teach Any Group with Confidence and Power.
 They'll Learn Directly from the Bible and
Apply God's Word to Their Lives!

No one should be satisfied with stale, boring teaching!  If you read this far then I know this about you -- you want to teach the Bible powerfully, confidently, and see God work in people's lives.  What more can happen when your teaching goes to the next level?  

  • The strategies you need to find out what you should teach...every time!
  • The simple things you can do to get people excited about learning, and anticipating the next class.  (It's a lot easier to teach to people who are eager to learn, isn't it?).
  • Why teaching less information -- and I'll help you figure out what to keep, and what to skip -- is the best approach for maximum learning .
  • Bible study methods geared for teachers of the Word -- get both the depth and the breadth you need to be an effective teacher.  (Pastors, they probably didn't teach this at seminary.)
  • How to launch life-changing discussions -- and keep them going -- that will help everyone learn more, and remember it longer.
  • Practical teaching strategies effective for all kinds of groups and situations.  You can learn these by trial-and-error (lots of error), or you can get a twenty-year jump-start.  Your choice.
  • And much more...

What's in the Free Bible Teacher Package?  Plenty!  You'll immediately receive an email message with a link to download:

The basic explanation of the Four Great Elements of Bible Teaching -- miss any of these and your teaching effectiveness will plummet.
A special report on "Knowing What to Teach"
An online video on how to design Bible lessons for maximum impact 
An audio message with three tactics for using questions to create powerful learning environments.
A special report on Overcoming Fear when Teaching
Plus an opportunity to get free Bible teaching tips by email each week!

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